My Testimonials

Self-mentoring narrows the focus for direct concentration.

Self-mentoring "was helpful. I noticed one of the things that I wanted to do was when I started was more facilitating and less lecturing, So I think that initially that helped with that as it went on like week after week, I would find some other facet that I needed to work on, like I was reading to fast or I was moving too much. Or I wasn’t calling on enough students. So I mean it was good to work on what I had in mind but it was also good to pinpoint areas that I wasn’t cognizant of what I was doing."

Jason, NC

Self-reflection is a necessary tool.

Self-mentoring "was a positive experience. Because it kept me on my toes. It helped me remember to go back and reflect on things that I was trying new that I might have not done normally. It kept me on a weekly basis trying to think back and look at things and try something different the next week so it gave me an opportunity to stay on my toes. So that was what kept me going through the project and how I benefited the most."

Meagan, NC

Self-mentoring requires you to look in the mirror.

"I think that [self-mentoring] is a very good program. And for some people it’s going to be difficult at first. Because they don’t like to necessarily reflect on possible weaknesses. But by really looking at your weaknesses they become your strengths. So I just encourage people to go ahead and try and jump into it head first not be too difficult on yourself because everyone has things they can improve upon.

Amber, NC

Self-mentoring can serve in both professional and personal situations.

"With the self-mentoring it is truly, truly one of those things that help keep that fire burning in the profession and it eliminates burn-out. Because it not only deals with your professional self but it deals with your personal life and it really requires you to sit back and reflect and think about what are my practices that I am doing now and can I continue on this path that I'm on if you know taking papers home and grading. I’m putting in 15 hours or more and I have no social life. The truth of the matter is you can’t keep that up and one of the major things that I’ve gain from self-mentoring is it requires me to think about the entire professional me, as a teacher. So I’m very thankful for the opportunity."

LaTerri, NC

Using Self-mentoring to find a balance in your life!

"With self-mentoring, one thing that we did was we really begin to reflect and think about what we're doing as individuals and cannot continue this long road because you know we love what we do, we love our profession. And so with self-mentoring, I have to this day continued to use every tool that was provided. It was extremely practical. Some things we talked about was... we want to collect data for your classroom, you want to reflect on what you want in your classroom. We were provided with recording devices... you weren't going to show it to anyone else it - was just for you. I really hope that each and every one of you are provided with this awesome opportunity because it develops you as a professional it keeps that enthusiasm that you have as a teacher. Because you know 1-3 [first years of teaching], we're all excited, we just graduated - we're on fire. And what soon starts to happen is the fire starts to die out, because we're putting in... we're doing... we don't have that balanced life."

Self-mentoring Prodigy, NC

Self-mentoring builds leaders

"Self-mentoring is an outstanding program.  When I first heard of the program, I knew I wanted it in my school.  It has helped our teachers grow as reflective practitioners which promotes better teaching and professional growth."

Julie, principal