About Us

Private Speaking Engagements and Keynote Address

We offer several options if you are interested in Self-mentoring®:

Trained Professionals:

We provide trained professionals in the art of self-mentoring® to your door no matter where you are located in the world. We believe so strongly in our process that we guarantee results. We believe that if you successfully complete each of the four levels, you will find confidence and the ability to excel in any environment. Contact us for additional details. 

Specialized or Custom Designed Programs:

We can develop speciality training to meet any of your needs. Our adaptability is our greatest feature. Self-mentoring® can accomodate the needs of your unique environment through custom designed programs to compliment the goals of your organization. Please contact us for additional information.

For a list of Self-mentoring® Level 1-4 trainings, click here

Event and Keynote Speaking:

We provide keynote speakers to conferences and special events on topics such as listed below or specialized topics that you may need for your company.  Please contact us for details.

  • Self-mentoring®: The Invisible Leader
  • The Art of Self-mentoring®
  • So You Want to Self-mentor®?
  • Fifty Reasons to Self-mentor®
  • Are You an Invisible Leader?