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Self-mentoring®, a concept born from a superintendent's first year struggles with mentoring arrangements when transitioning to a university faculty position, evolved as a tool for new higher ed faculty to a natural residence with public education practitioners subsequently resulting in three prestigious UNCW Awards; four regional school research projects; four professional development projects; keynote speaker engagements; a national and international training series; international consulting; a contract with UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE); and a 2012 trademark. As evidenced on diverse blog sites, Self-mentoring®, has had an impact in weight loss programs, student leadership, mentoring, and executive coaching. 

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“Hi, I am Marsha. I grew up in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia to very humble beginnings! My father was a successful business entrepreneur with 8th grade education and my mother graduated high school. I was my first family member to go to college. I started writing and inventing at an early age, which gained me early entrance to school, bypassing kindergarten, and entering first grade at the tender age of five. Fortunately my passion for innovations has never subsided and I am so proud to share Self-mentoring® with you. It was my guide to surviving my first year of isolation in a new position and I know it can be a tool for you as well.”  

Marsha joined the faculty in Educational Leadership at the Watson College of Education Leadership at the University of North Carolina Wilmington after 35 years of service in private and public education.  Prior to serving as superintendent, she was a principal, Director of curriculum/instructional technology, a reading specialist, and an art teacher. As a reading specialist, frustrated by the lack of available reading materials, she studied whole language in Australia and New Zealand educational systems. In 1993, she designed a 20-book emergent level reading series named StoryMakers, which became an international success and was later published in two languages. She was awarded Teacher of the Year in Allegany County, Maryland and was recognized by the Maryland House of Delegates as well as received the Maryland Governor’s Citation for her work. In 1994, she was again honored with the National Milken Family Educator Award, the most coveted educator award, and joined a prestigious family of outstanding educators around the nation. She has presented all over the world and published in numerous magazines and journals. She is author of several books and presently serves as an international consultant and researcher in Self-mentoring®.

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