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What is Self Mentoring®?

A Self-Mentor® is an achiever willing to take the initiative while accepting responsibility for his/her own development by devoting time to navigate within the culture of his/her environment in order to make the most of opportunity to strengthen competencies needed to enhance job performance and career progression. There are four levels of self-mentoring. Each level builds on the other. 

Level 1: Self-Awareness
Level 2: Self-Development
Level 3: Self-Reflection
Level 4: Self-Monitoring

Who needs self-mentoring®?

  • Are you an individual that wants to increase your confidence and leadership ability either as a personal or professional goal?
  • Are you a school district with limited funds looking for a solution to improve teacher morale, classroom instructional practices, or teacher self-efficacy?
  • Are you a business owner that wants to provide employees with opportunity to grow and develop in the workplace?
  • Are you an industry dependent upon the productivity of others and need to increase sales?

Self-Mentoring Levels

Self-Awareness Level

The first of a series of Self-mentoring Leadership e-learning level seminars. Self-Awareness is critical for any leader. You must know what your talents and dares. Working through a session of exercises, you will identify your leadership abilities, unique to you, to maximize this at the next level.


Self-Development Level

The second of a series of Self-mentoring Leadership e-learning level seminars. Self-Development builds upon your knowledge of your leadership style to formalize expectations. You build a plan for your expectation to collect simple data to alter behaviors that are limiting your success. You begin to form habits or practices reflective of your personal leadership talent.

Self-Reflection Level

The third of a series of Self-mentoring Leadership e-learning level seminars. Self-Reflection guides the construction of valuable techniques of self and peer reflection vital to a self-mentor for daily implementation. Reflection is one of the most important practices in self-mentoring.


Self-Monitoring Level

The fourth of a series of Self-mentoring Leadership e-learning level seminars. You have now reached the final level of the series, Self-Monitoring. You will developed your skills necessary to mentor yourself in any situation, hostile or friendly, and can target areas to monitor or through repetition of the first three levels construct new skill levels.


What school districts are saying about self-mentoring®

"We've seen [teachers] grow as leaders…as individuals...seen them be able to work through processes by themselves that were hard in the beginning."

What experts are saying about self-mentoring®

"Self-mentoring puts you in the position of power. You take control of your life and journey on the path that is right for you"

What people in the field are saying about self-mentoring®

"There will always be times in one’s career when the right mentor-mentee fit simply doesn’t happen. This is when the concept of self-mentoring becomes particularly important."

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